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  • Myalo

    What's up with so many kissing pictures?

    I always wondered, what's up with girls kissing each other on lips and posting pictures online? is it like the best friends thing? does it get awkward only if the tongue gets involved?


    It was disgusting enough to see parents kissing kids on the mouth (if you think otherwise, I don't care... I feel it is disgusting to kiss small kids (in few cases I've seen kids as old as 8-11 years) on the mouth) these people should be smacked on the back of the head for it...


    this question triggered because a female friend posted a picture of pouting with a bride-to-be (she was getting married to a man, following pictures and sights made it clear) in bed.. why? just... why?

    3 years agoin Relationships-Chengdu
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  • Medeiro
    we are hot and open, kiss friends even stranger, but Chinese, never do this, you will scare a girl !
    1 year ago
  • machado
    Kissing is just a way to show your affections with those you deeply cares about and sometimes we need some ways to let people feel the close relationship
    3 years ago

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